New Mercedes G Class

Mercedes refreshed their best off road model again, of course we are talking about Mercedes G Class which is their oldest model that’s turning 36 this year. It is one of the rare pureblooded SUV left on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that it fell behind when it comes to performance or the comfort.

New Alfa Romeo Giulia Is Almost Here

As we all know, Alfa Romeo is a significant company in car industry, they gave us some legendary cars throughout the years and they proved themselves numerous times in racing establishing a very rich heritage.

New Porsche Spyder Boxster

As all car enthusiasts already know, Porsche is near the top when it comes to performance, design as well as engineering. However many of us have been kind of skeptical toward one of the cheapest Porsche car out there, the Boxster. It always gave out that impression that it was intended for women, even though that’s far away from truth.

Legendary Mercedes 190 Evolution II

Mercedes’ reputation speaks for itself, and they made many legendary cars throughout the years which were available to almost everybody. However one car is made in only 500 units and it is one of the rarest out there. This car is Mercedes 190 Evolution II and it was intended for then very popular DTM Championship.

Kia Is Getting Better And Better

We all remember those times when Kia made terrible and unreliable cars that were driven by people who really didn’t have any other choice. However, those times have passed and Kia made a drastic change more than a decade ago.

New Innovative Products By Bosch

Believe it or not Bosch is one of the most important companies in car industry. They were pioneers when it comes to many technologically advanced components we use today, and they are keeping the same pace with new products which make cars of today more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Mazda’s Beautiful Crossover

Mazda really sowed the world what kind of crossover they can build. CX-3 might seem small but it is actually spacious with implemented sport elements which don’t really make it any less practical. It possesses that modern feel but it is still unique and most importantly it posses the character lot of other cars lack.