New Nissan GTR

In the last nine years GTR has seen subtle changes in design, modernization of interior and a slightly more powerful engine. This model is hand made under very strict rules which…

Tesla Model 3

You have to know something special is on the horizon when you see that this impressive car already got 250.000 preorders, while every single potential buyer paid 1000 USD or 1000…

Bosch Smart pedal

Bosch was always interested in innovation, so this time they brought a smart gas pedal to the table. An intelligent pedal saves money by conserving fuel consumption, and it also increases safety on the streets.

New Maserati Levante

Virtually everybody is making SUVs today, so why wouldn’t this Italian company get in to mix. Porsche, Bentley and Jaguar are some of the brands that usually made luxurious and sports cars, but recently they expanded their catalog with SUV models.