New BMW 7

Where is the end to advanced technology in luxury cars? There is no real answer to that question but we can look for the answer primarily in concept cars. New generation of the biggest Bavarian car brought us some amazing advancements which we could only dream of, even just few years back.

Bosch’s Future Plans

As we mentioned previously Bosch is the automotive pioneer and as such they somewhat dictate the future of the car industry in their own way. Their innovations certainly make out life easier but they also make cars safer, lower emissions and they improve our cars overall.

BMW 3.0 CSL Tribute

Spirit from the past in the body from the future, that sentence probably describes this car best. BMW 3.0 CLS Hommage is made to pay tribute to one of their most exciting racing models of all time the 3.0 CSL.

The Icon Got A New Successor

As all car enthusiasts know, as well as pretty much everybody else, VW van is truly a special car. We’ve seen it change throughout the years but it still kept some of that magic the original van had. Today we are going to talk about its successor which is supposed to continue the same legacy.

New Mercedes GLC Coupe

German automobile giant the Mercedes is setting new records each month when it comes to sales and 2015 is supposed to be great year for them. This kind of success can be accredited to well accepted A, C, E and S classes, but even their other models are on the same track.

Refreshed BMW 3 Series

Even though most of the BMW models look alike, they are still very successful. Best example for that is the 3 Series which is the leader in its segment.

Mini smart glasses

Augmented reality is something that’s got really popular lately and automotive industry is following that trend. To be more precise BMW is testing their smart glasses in the Mini brand.

New Lexus RC F

While everybody else is turning toward turbo chargers and superchargers Lexus is taking completely different approach. That’s why they decided to equip their new RC F model with a 5 liter atmospheric engine, which develops almost 480 horse power.