Emissions – Diesel Engines

The environmentalists are paying close attention to diesel engines which are known for their specific process of using highly compressed air to ignite the fuel. Although Rudolf Diesel patented the engine in 1893, burning emissions weren’t limited in any means up until 1988 when European Environment Agency established 88/77/EEC directive which set the standards of Euro 0 and Euro 1.

Used Smart Review

The smallest car on city roads can easily find a parking spot or go through narrow city streets especially in old European cities. Virtually, it is one of the most maneuverable cars around.

Pagani Huayra

Pagani shook the world of hypercars by their own creation which is pretty impressive to say the least. Even though they had to compete with some of the strongest names they proved that they can deal with pressure and Zonda successor sold out its limited edition in less than two years.

Used Hyundai Santa Fe Review

Even though everybody expected second generation of Santa Fe to do better on the market things didn’t go as planned. Increasing body size, improving comfort, better powertrain technology and overall modernization was enough to make only half of the sales than before.

Used Honda Accord Review

Attractive, reliable, humble are just few of the adjectives most of want from our car. Combine those with the low price and maintenance costs and pretty much that is what every buyer should look for when purchasing used vehicle.

DS E-Tense

The newly established automaker DS has finally presented their amazing concept, grabbing the attention of visitors in Geneva. With zero emissions and beautiful design it looks like we’ll finally get a truly electrifying experience.

New Nissan GTR

In the last nine years GTR has seen subtle changes in design, modernization of interior and a slightly more powerful engine. This model is hand made under very strict rules which…

Tesla Model 3

You have to know something special is on the horizon when you see that this impressive car already got 250.000 preorders, while every single potential buyer paid 1000 USD or 1000…