New Bentley Bentayga

Here we have the most luxurious, the fastest, the most powerful and first SUV from Bentley. If you know anything about some of the most exclusive SUVs like Mercedes GSL, Audi Q7, BMW X5, Range Rover, Lexus RX, Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator then you probably know what Premium stands for.

New Volvo S90

After luxurious SUV model, Volvo presented first modern sedan under new Chinese owner. The goal is to return the Swedish giant where it belongs – among the best. Since 2010, 11 billion U.S. dollars have been invested in new technology. Predecessor of their most popular model was on the market for 10 years and it was one of the safest cars around.


Plans to develop full size SUV in BMW have been on the table for quite awhile, however, due to the different factors, BMW X7 still didn’t make it to production lines. On the other side other German brands like Mercedes and Audi have conquered the market with their biggest SUV models.

New Mercedes GLC Coupe

German automobile giant the Mercedes is setting new records each month when it comes to sales and 2015 is supposed to be great year for them. This kind of success can be accredited to well accepted A, C, E and S classes, but even their other models are on the same track.