New Lexus RC F

While everybody else is turning toward turbo chargers and superchargers Lexus is taking completely different approach. That’s why they decided to equip their new RC F model with a 5 liter atmospheric engine, which develops almost 480 horse power.

New Mercedes G Class

Mercedes refreshed their best off road model again, of course we are talking about Mercedes G Class which is their oldest model that’s turning 36 this year. It is one of the rare pureblooded SUV left on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that it fell behind when it comes to performance or the comfort.

New Porsche Spyder Boxster

As all car enthusiasts already know, Porsche is near the top when it comes to performance, design as well as engineering. However many of us have been kind of skeptical toward one of the cheapest Porsche car out there, the Boxster. It always gave out that impression that it was intended for women, even though that’s far away from truth.