Unique Tool In Ferrari’s Production

Ferrari is definitely one of the best car companies in the world, their cars represent success and it doesn’t matter how old you are, you probably dream about getting behind the wheel of one. Besides their superiority when it comes to production cars, they are also one of the companies with a richest racing heritage.

LPG Test On Alfa Romeo

We talked about LPG and its benefits previously, but now we’ve decided to give it a real test on 2004 Alfa Romeo 1.8 TS. Why did we pick this car, well because it is not really economic, it can actually be really thirsty if you give it a real push. It is focused more on performance than on economy and we wanted to see if we can get best of both worlds.

12 Best GPS Devices On Market

Do you remember those times where your best tool for finding the right address was the map? Thankfully those times have passed and now GPS devices are essential in every car. Even though many cars come equipped with standard GPS’s, some of them don’t do their job properly. Apps for smart phones might seem like a good idea, but GPS devices are still more reliable. There are numerous makes and models you can choose from, but here are 12 that we think are the best.

BMW Laser Headlights For Commercial Use

We talked about laser headlights development and their implementation on BMW i8, now they are ready for BMW production models which are much more affordable than the i8. This Bavarian company decided to present their latest commercial version of the laser lights on CES in Las Vegas, and the model they used for their presentation is the new M4.

Say Goodbye To Classic Switches

VW presented their vision of the future interior in Golf VII R Touch model which doesn’t resemble anything we’ve seen yet. Many of the presented elements are supposed to find their place in the eight generation of Golf, which we’re going to see sometime in 2017.

Tire Chains In Spray Can

New innovations which would replace tire chains are constantly being developed mainly because chains are complicated to mount and they have a several drawbacks. Even if you manage to mount them sometimes they refuse to cooperate and you have to keep pulling over to tighten them.

Europe Implements eCall On All Cars After 2018

Tens of thousands of people die in traffic related deaths in Europe, while over million suffer some kind of injury. Car accidents are also leading cause of death for young people aging from 15 to 29 years old. These numbers definitely mean that something needs to be done and European Commission is developing a system which would automatically call in emergency services in case of an accident.

Volvo’s Most Advanced Safety Systems

In one of our previous articles we talked about Volvo’s newest architecture which is going to eliminate fatalities in their vehicles completely after 2020. In this article we are going to focus on Volvo safety systems, from which some are supposed to prevent collision while others are supposed to improve safety in case of an impact.