Volvo’s Most Advanced Safety Systems

Photo credit: Flickr
Photo credit: Flickr

In one of our previous articles we talked about Volvo’s newest architecture which is going to eliminate fatalities in their vehicles completely after 2020. In this article we are going to focus on Volvo safety systems, from which some are supposed to prevent collision while others are supposed to improve safety in case of an impact.

Since there is the whole army of safety systems, we are going to talk about few which we consider as innovative like seat belt tensioners, seat shocks and City Safety system whose main purpose is to brake automatically in case it detects potential collision. Primary function of this system is to prevent the driver of Volvo to take the right of way of the vehicles coming from different direction.

There is also a new system that detects if you start swerving, which in that situation activates the seat belt tensioners while shocks prepare to take the first hit from the impact.

Also thanks to the shocks the seat tilts back a little bit to put the driver into optimal position.

Just like we’ve seen in some of the other cars like Mercedes S class, Volvo XC90 also has ability to follow the vehicle in front and brake and accelerate accordingly.

Volvo also manages to develop some of the systems Audi and BMW posses like automatic parking with a detection of empty parking spaces. One more interesting feature is ability to control the headlights so the drivers coming from opposite direction don’t get blinded. XC90 can also read the traffic signs and control the vehicle in lane, warning the driver of any irregularities by steering wheel vibrations and visual-sound warnings.

On top of the list, when it comes to priorities, are the blinds spots which are constantly monitored. All in all, it seems that Volvo is on top when it comes to occupant safety, and while competition focuses on other systems besides safety, Volvo manages to implement all of those systems as well as newly developed safety systems.

Safety is definitely first thing on the list in Volvo when it comes to building cars, and considering the fact that safety of our family is most important thing to us, they will only grow bigger with time.