New BMW 8 Series

BMW has always been a successful company more or less. Some of their models left us speechless, some not really, but one of their cars from the 90’s is a true…

Alfa Romeo Giulia Vs. BMW 3 Series

These two companies have been competitors throughout the years and even though Alfa didn’t have serious model to compete with in the recent times, competition flame didn’t die off. Luckily for us Giulia came out after long anticipation, but is it good enough to compete with one of the most popular brands in the world, we’re going to find out.


Plans to develop full size SUV in BMW have been on the table for quite awhile, however, due to the different factors, BMW X7 still didn’t make it to production lines. On the other side other German brands like Mercedes and Audi have conquered the market with their biggest SUV models.

New BMW 7

Where is the end to advanced technology in luxury cars? There is no real answer to that question but we can look for the answer primarily in concept cars. New generation of the biggest Bavarian car brought us some amazing advancements which we could only dream of, even just few years back.

BMW 3.0 CSL Tribute

Spirit from the past in the body from the future, that sentence probably describes this car best. BMW 3.0 CLS Hommage is made to pay tribute to one of their most exciting racing models of all time the 3.0 CSL.

Refreshed BMW 3 Series

Even though most of the BMW models look alike, they are still very successful. Best example for that is the 3 Series which is the leader in its segment.

BMW Laser Headlights For Commercial Use

We talked about laser headlights development and their implementation on BMW i8, now they are ready for BMW production models which are much more affordable than the i8. This Bavarian company decided to present their latest commercial version of the laser lights on CES in Las Vegas, and the model they used for their presentation is the new M4.