Ford Is Implementing Car Seat Which Can Detect Heart Attack

Technology in car industry is getting more impressive by day and we are seeing more ingenious solutions covering everything from safety to fuel economy. Ford doesn’t really have reputation as innovative company as let’s say Audi, but they still have their own ways when it comes to popularity among car enthusiasts and people in general.

Autonomous Cars Are Coming, Are We Ready?

Technology in general has advanced drastically in the last decade and car industry is following that trend. We are seeing technology that was unimaginable in cars like HUD displays, lane assist, hybrid technology, etc. Now, one other technology is being prepared to hit the market, and it is bringing us autonomous driving.

7 Cars In Miley Cyrus Collection

Miley Cyrus is one of the most popular celebrities in the US and whether you like her or not, she manages to get all the attention she can handle. Just like every other celebrity she has decent car collection which average people can only dream of. Here is the list of her seven cars.