Auto Sock

Alternative To Tire Chains

Auto SockPhoto credit: Autosock

As we already witnessed, winter is showing its full strength so you need to prepare as best as you can. The best place to start at is winter tires which perform significantly better in winter conditions and even rain than hard summer tires. Winter tires are designed for slippery surface which means that they are much softer and therefore they stick to snow and ice much better.

However, in the rough situations where there is a lot of snow, even winter tires show some drawbacks, and most people turn to tire chains to increase the grip. On the other hand tire chains are very loud and they can damage your rims. If you find yourself on ice road tire chains are not going to help you a lot, they might do just the opposite and make the car even harder to handle.

Very smart solution for this problem came from Norway and it is called auto sock. This very useful invention improves handling in snow and ice drastically without any noise.

They are made from very resistant and durable fabric which improves grip significantly even in the toughest conditions.

Besides the fact that they produce no noise, they also won’t damage your wheels and you can use them even on wet road. One other huge benefit over the tire chains is that they are very easy to mount, it will only take you couple of minutes.

They are available for all tire sizes and you can mount them only on driving wheels, front or rear, but for the best performance it is best to use them on all four wheels. You need to make sure that your tires are inflated properly for the best results.

When it comes to the quality, you don’t have to worry about it, auto socks will last you for a long time. Price is also not very high, they will set you back around 100 dollars. They are awesome and smart solution which will improve your safety and prevent some major expenses, by this we mean expenses from damage to your wheels or even expense of a crash. It is certainly something affordable you can use to improve your safety and safety of your family, not to mention everybody else on the road.