Things You Need To Consider Before Installing LPG System

Photo credit: Google commons
Photo credit: Google commons

If you’ve decided to install LPG system, you’re probably doing it to save money on fuel. Even though some people are claiming that CNG or LPG systems might be less safe, that is not true. These kinds of systems improved drastically in the last 15 years and they have safety features which pretty much guarantee complete safety. However, this is true only if you maintain your vehicle and your LPG system regularly.

First thing on your list should be the research of the filling stations and the service shops, so you can make sure you got a nearby place to fill up and to do some regular maintenance.

Before you consider installation of such system, you also need to make sure that all components of your car are functioning properly.

Any components that might not perform properly could cause potential problems. Things like improper electrical, cooling or fuel system could cause operating, or even safety issues.

Main thing you need to worry about when it comes to LPG system is regular maintenance, meaning that you have to check the system annually and you need to change the filters. Regular inspection will also uncover any damaged parts, lines or electrical components. Since there are professional shops which do that kind of things in countries where these systems are popular, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Your annual service should include filter change, line cleaning and checkup, inspection of electronics as well as computer, inspection of all the connections and of course the reducer. Every 80000 miles even bigger service should be done where the main parts of reducer are replaced. This will not cost you a lot and these kinds of services could make the world of difference, not to mention prevent any potential safety issue.

If you want to save a lot of money on fuel, this is your safest bet, mainly because it could save you up to 50% on you fuel bill. As we already mentioned, it is not any less safe than the gasoline system in your car, it will lower your gas expenses and you would even have car which has lower emissions that regular gasoline car. All in all, if you have filling stations nearby and you want to save money, it is a smart solution which could benefit you greatly as long as you follow some basic rules.