VW Step Toward Better Design

Photo credit: Google commons
Photo credit: Google commons

VW has always been a people’s car throughout their existence. They build cars that are practical, reliable, and above all well engineered. This tactic has granted them success on the global level, and even though they are one of the most successful car companies in the world, they still lack one major thing in their car production, and that’s design. They lack that flavor some of the Italian cars have, as well as the style which is completely absent.

If their cars possessed a design of let’s say Alfa Romeo, their cars would be perfect. However, there is one model which doesn’t comply to their standard design norms and that model is Passat CC.

As we all witnessed, this car was a step forward when it comes to improving design. It just had that something other VW models lack. It was a car which was desired by people who never thought of buying VW.

Now they decided to present the Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE which is basically the new modern version of their popular CC model. As we can see from the image, this car is really stunning. Sharp, somewhat aggressive design lines are almost artistic, while the overall shape of perfect proportions give impression of solid object that’s carved up to perfection.

New Passat CC will also be more practical, offering more space in the trunk and more room to passengers in the back. The whole design is based on the modern concept of simplicity and maximum multimedia capabilities. It is also evident by leather seats and wooden inserts that this car will also offer a certain dose of luxury, but as we all know, luxury is not on top of their priority list.

When it comes to engines, new CC will offer everything from powerful gasoline guzzlers, to economic diesels. Everyone will be able to find the right CC match, regardless of desires. However, we have to keep in mind that production version will look more tamed. For example the 21 inch rims will definitely be replaced by something more conservative.

This car definitely looks great, let’s just hope that production version keeps the magic this concept possesses. New Passat CC is definitely a car which can compete with the best in business like BMW and Mercedes, especially with a design like this.