Nitrogen in tires benefits your wallet?

Photo credit: Flickr
Photo credit: Flickr

Tires filled with nitrogen guarantee higher pressure inside tire, which make the ride smoother, more efficient and of course safer. Thanks to numerous studies, experts have come to a conclusion that nitrogen increases tire performance for all drivers making car and tire industry advance toward safer ride.

We’ve been using compressed air in tires for over a century. However, the fact is that air is one of the main factors contributing to tire degradation, which at the end is often a cause of many accidents. So, by replacing regular air in tires with nitrogen, you’ll benefit in more than one way.

This means that you’ll spend less money on tires, have a smoother ride, improve your fuel economy, and make your passengers safer.

All these benefits come from the fact that nitrogen doesn’t lose its properties, at least throughout one season, making the tire pressure optimal, regardless of temperature and conditions on the road.

Air is composed of 78% nitrogen, however, rest of the 22% consists of other gasses including oxygen.

Oxygen is one of the most reactive gasses on earth and it can cause lot of damage to tire edges.

How is that possible?

As time goes oxygen and water that collect inside of tire can cause corrosion to metal parts of the tire, which as a result make the tire unstable dropping the air pressure inside.

That’s why, in some cases, where the tire looks new on the car that’s been sitting for a while, you see rapid lose of pressure. Now, low tire pressure brings its own set of problems. Low tire pressure cause more resistance. More resistance makes your car work harder which in return results in increased fuel consumption.

Some might argue that it is insignificant percentage, but when you consider the fact that there are four tires making your engine work harder 365 days a year, it multiplies into significant amount of money you could spend on something else.

As we already mentioned, nitrogen ensures even pressure inside a tire which doesn’t drop with time. One more advantage of nitrogen is that it ensures even wear of tire, which is even more noticeable on sport cars where tires wear out much faster.

If you decide to put nitrogen in your tires you have to watch out for couple of things. First of all, be aware that different places charge different prices, so it is best that you do a little research, call or go and ask in person.

Also, make sure that the place you chose has the right equipment. They should have a nitrogen machine which doesn’t look like your regular air compressor. They should also put on different color valve caps, so when you take your car to a different place, they know not to add air.