Alfa Romeo Hybrid

Photo credit: Google commons

In the last decade we’ve seen a lot in hybrid configuration, from small economy cars to big SUVs and performance cars. Now as reestablished brand Alfa Romeo is also looking in this direction. Logically speaking first Alfa Romeo hybrid is still not going to make it to the market in few years, and that’s also what main people of this Italian brand said.

According to them primary problem with hybrid – electric configuration nowadays are batteries. They simply weigh too much and that affects everything from performance to handling and acceleration. But what does this statement from them actually mean.

Believe it or not they stated that Alfa’s hybrids are going to be focused on performance, and honestly this is great news. Judging by the current attitude of their company, it seems that we might just get another gem just like Giulia was. Their technical chief stated that they envisioned performance car that’s easily manageable through their DNA system.

This means primarily that power of car would be adjustable to fit driver’s needs.

Their DNA system would get an addition to Dynamic, Natural and All Weather, in the form of another mode like Eco and Hybrid.

In this case Dynamic mode would probably be most interesting with added boost from electric motors when necessary.

He also added that success they achieved with their two latest models, Giulia and Stelvio is going to continue, and that they will not sacrifice performance at any cost.

The only problem in this whole story is that we are going to have to wait for another 2 years approximately to see Alfa Romeo hybrid. Main reason this car is going to be highly anticipated is that they did such a good job with Giulia which managed to wipe out latest BMW M3 in every way, as well as some other competitors in the class, making it the overall best car in the segment.

So what can we expect?

Judging by this statement and current company philosophy, we might see something that might be direct competitor to BMW i8. If they choose to go this way new Alfa Romeo hybrid will definitely give BMW a headache. When it comes to power train they do have some of the best engineers in the world, and we all know that design wise they’ll probably outdo Bavarians with ease. Simply judging their last 3 cars, we’ll probably see something special in the near future.