Alfa Romeo 4C With 740HP

Photo credit: Wikimedia
Photo credit: Wikimedia

Alfa Romeo 4C is one of the most beautiful cars on the road at the moment, and even though it might not offer some of the luxury of its competition, it makes it up by performance. 240HP is not really much compared to some of the other cars of today, but they played on power to weight ratio and since 4C weighs less than 2000lb their recipe proved itself as very successful.

On the other side main people of Alfa said that they could get even more power out of its engine, so we’re probably going to see new and improved version.

However, Lazzarini Design, came up with their own version of 4C which is supposedly going to produce 740HP, mainly because it is going to be equipped with Ferrari engine.

On top of all this, Ferrari engine, which is most definitely going to be one from 458, is going to have two turbos.

This mean combination is the reason for such power, and when we consider the overall weight, this car is probably going to outrun everything on the road. Some of the Alfa Romeo purists might not be happy with this idea, but nonetheless it is something that most of us would like to see in action.

Lazzarini didn’t really give any official info when it comes to development of this car, but that doesn’t mean that it is only going to stay on the paper. However there is one more down side to this story. Lazzarini’s actual updated design of the 4C is not really nice to look at. Bad color combinations and spoilers which don’t really blend into that flowing shape is something they should definitely avoid. Alf Romeo 4C as it is paired with some aggressive rims is all they need, why change something that’s already beautiful?

When it comes to potential performance numbers, not a lot is available, but this mean 4C is supposedly able to reach 60mph in only 2.5 seconds. There is no definite conformation of this project yet but if it goes through it would definitely be something amazing we don’t see every day, hopefully they’ll consider some adjustment when it comes to design. Check out the video below and you’ll see why we criticize their design.