No More Flats – Product For Armored Tires

Photo credit: Google commons
Photo credit: Google commons

Most of the modern cars don’t even have the spare wheel, but rather a tire repair kit which is supposed to get you to the nearest tire shop. Since this is only a temporary solution, it is not really something you can rely on.

However, there is a new product which could get rid of your worries and it is called Tyre Armour. It is basically some kind of mixture which contains small rubber pieces and it comes in practical packs with red valve caps. This is a product which you use to prevent a flat tire, meaning that you have to put it into good tires.

When you add it to your tires it uses centrifugal force to move around, and the first time you add the mixture you have to take your ride for a spin so it can distribute evenly.

Your wheels should be previously balanced, and when it comes to that the manufacturer claims that it doesn’t affect the wheels in any way.

If for example nail punctures the tire, you should take it out, take your car for a spin and of course check the tire pressure.

It is also fairly easy to use, you have to get the air out of the tire, screw on the Tyre Armour and basically press out the content inside. After that you need to fill the tires with air and take your car for a spin. Take it up to at least 40 miles per hour so the product can circulate inside properly, and you are done.

In our test we punctured the tire dozen times with nails and we took them out. As soon as we did that we took the car for the spin just like manufacturer said, after that we checked the pressure which was good. Product is also very easy to clean and it is also fairly priced. If you want to get your hands on it you’ll have to spend just over 50 dollars for all four wheels, which is really good price for something practical like this.

Some might argue the price, but keep in mind that something like this could save you from a lot of trouble, especially if you find yourself on some country road with a nail in your tire. It is definitely something that could prove itself as very useful.