Top 9 Cars Perfect for Women in 2018

Photo credit: Flickr

2. Alfa Romeo Giulia

In the beginning the company of Alfa Romeo produced race cars. However, it’s been a while since they left the race car competition. Now they are back with the world-class sports sedan Alfa Romeo Giulia. There are several things that make this car excellent for both men and women, such as level of control and stability when cornering, 8-speed automatic transmission, wide palette of engines and above all safety.


You probably don’t know this but Giulia has scored highest in crash test safety of all production cars. If you are looking for Ferrari engine, it has that option as well in QV version. Although design is not the most important feature of this car, we can’t go without mentioning its beautiful exterior and interior. Everything is brought to perfection, in fact in 2016 it was declared the most beautiful car of the year. It is all-around one of the best, making it a top contender on our top 9 cars perfect for women in 2018.

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