Top 9 Cars Perfect for Women in 2018

Statistics have shown that men are still prime car buyers. For that reason automakers do everything in their power to attract women to the car world. Not surprisingly, when it comes to buying cars, women and men have different priorities.

According to some research women pay more attention to affordability, safety, and favor fuel economy, while men are more interested in power, style and are more likely to spend some extra money on their favorite toys. With that being said here are top 9 cars perfect for women in 2018 that have everything women desire.

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1. The Mini Cooper

It’s basically meant to be a fun, fast, economic and unique looking car. The Mini is considered to be a perfect, practical city car. With great acceleration and maneuverability, it can make turns easily and it is always easy to find a parking spot.


Some say that this car is a good first car, primarily because it’s safe. Some of the safety features it possesses are 4-wheel ABS, rear view camera, front and rear head airbags. We should also mention that it is easy to control in snow and icy conditions. The Mini is very fuel efficient, it is not hard to maintain and has excellent resale value. Even though the Mini Cooper is considered the basic model it’s highly customizable, with many options for seat colors and materials, roof colors, roof strips, perfect if you want to stand out among the other cars.

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