Top 7 Most Incredible Cars In 2017

Nowadays, it can be hard to find a car with a soul, a car that will truly excite you and leave you breathless. That’s where we come in, here is list of 7 cars that posses everything a true masterpiece should.

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1. Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

Believe it or not, this Italian manufacturer hasn’t been active on American market in few decades, and they are returning with truly unique car. Alfa Romeo Giulia is a car that will give you bang for your buck.


The strongest Quadrifoglio version generates over 500 HP with the engine derived from Ferrari. This means that it’s basically Ferrari on the budget, but with all the practicality. Besides the impressive engineering, this car also looks apart. It has those Italian curves which somehow still manage to give it somewhat aggressive look. Even though some might question Alfa’s reliability, keep in mind that this is their return to the big league and usually when brand finds itself in this situation, they inevitably produce a gem that stick for decades to come.

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