DS E-Tense

The newly established automaker DS has finally presented their amazing concept, grabbing the attention of visitors in Geneva. With zero emissions and beautiful design it looks like we’ll finally get a truly electrifying experience.

Tesla Model 3

You have to know something special is on the horizon when you see that this impressive car already got 250.000 preorders, while every single potential buyer paid 1000 USD or 1000 EUR upfront. Pretty much ...

Bosch Smart pedal

Bosch was always interested in innovation, so this time they brought a smart gas pedal to the table. An intelligent pedal saves money by conserving fuel consumption, and it also increases safety on the streets.

New BMW 7

Where is the end to advanced technology in luxury cars? There is no real answer to that question but we can look for the answer primarily in concept cars. New generation of the biggest Bavarian ...

Bosch’s Future Plans

As we mentioned previously Bosch is the automotive pioneer and as such they somewhat dictate the future of the car industry in their own way. Their innovations certainly make out life easier but they also ...

Mini smart glasses

Augmented reality is something that’s got really popular lately and automotive industry is following that trend. To be more precise BMW is testing their smart glasses in the Mini brand.