11 Most Legendary British Cars Ever Made

British gave us some amazing cars throughout the years, and all of them are still highly desirable even now. Here are 11 British cars which got that legendary status.

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

11. Rolls Royce Phantom

As we all know that this is a brand which deals in top of the line luxury cars and Phantom is their vision of the ultimate luxury car.

First of all, design wise, there is no car in the world which looks anything like this. This car really has presence and styling which is beautiful and unique at the same time. This car is believe it or not handmade, which is unheard of at these modern times. Interior of Rolls Royce Phantom is still unsurpassed, and attention to detail inside and out is just incredible. It offers the level of luxury that can only come from this brand. If you’re looking for a best luxury car money can buy, this is definitely it.

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